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What is the future trend of blister packaging customization?
Jan 11, 2019

The classification difference of food blister packaging products is the classification of blister packaging according to the appearance characteristics of the products, such as boxes, trays, blister, hoods, and the like. Product classification, their appearance characteristics will be different, the use of different shapes of blister packaging products can increase the grade and value of the item.

        Food blister packaging products, the surface of these products is a flat groove shape, most of which are in the shape of rectangular and square. The central part of the product belongs to the edge height of the hollow shape product, mostly used in digital products and digital Above the accessories, most of the blister packaging boxes are also used as inner packagings, and there are thick film or carton packaging on the outside, most of which are mainly for protecting and beautifying items.

        Blister packaging trays, trays are also packaging products belonging to flat grooves. It differs from blister packaging in that the trays are outer packagings. The effect of tray packaging is to protect and transport the loaded items. Used in electronic component products, food, fruit, etc., items.

        Blister blister packaging, the blister is a packaging product with a unique appearance inside the blister packaging. The product is convex, the shape and feel will be relatively three-dimensional, and the blister model produces the contour of the article. Mostly used in stationery products, jewelry, toy products, etc. The use of the packaging on the items is mostly hanging products, and the special effects of the blister packaging better reflect the uniqueness of the items.

        Blister packaging covers, also known as vacuum covers, are mostly used together. The shape of the products is the upper and lower covers. These packaging products are mostly used in toys, cosmetics, electronic products, etc. The use of this type of packaging can better protect the transportation of the product, and can better reflect the grade of the item. The blister packaging cover uses more transparent materials, and the items are packed into the package, and then the top of the package is added. With a layer of cover, the item is highlighted in the middle of the package, and the package can be viewed in a 360° rotation. This is the use of blister packaging products.

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