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Waste plastic packaging method for transparent packaging plastic box
Jan 15, 2019

Nowadays, many of the items we use use transparent packaging plastic boxes. Although their use is convenient for us, the environmental pollution is very great. Therefore, in order to protect the environment, we started to use some recyclable plastics. For the production of transparent packaging plastic boxes, the following small series will tell you some ways to identify waste plastics.

1. Smell the smell. The taste of various plastics is different. If you smell a pungent smell, then it is waste plastic.

2, look at the color and luster, of course, if it is a transparent packaging plastic box, then you do not have to look at the gloss.

3, drawing. If the product is too much CaC03, then it is not very good.

4, feel and smoothness.

5. Use a small fire to ignite to see if the flame color is smoking.

These methods are a good way to identify those transparent plastic boxes made of waste plastic.

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