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Transparent plastic boxes also have their own unique national culture.
Jan 15, 2019

         Modern packaging design is constantly absorbing some outstanding works from abroad, in order to be able to transform foreign excellent cultural concepts through domestic and local culture when necessary, and finally apply it to the transparent plastic box packaging, which will enrich our country to a certain extent. The packaging design culture language promotes the development of packaging in China. According to the manufacturer of the PVC transparent plastic box, the leap forward with the new globalization and the influx of new culture into the traditional packaging market have gradually weakened the national culture that was originally active in the market. Therefore, we need to gradually consolidate Chinese culture. The status of the packaging market.

       Based on the Chinese cultural packaging market, the transparent plastic box pays attention to the changes in the design form and the local cultural connotation on the packaging by conveying the artistic form and aesthetic concept of the nationality. The packaging design with Chinese artistic atmosphere is more likely to receive the majority of consumption. Identity. It produces plastic box packaging with a variety of local cultural flavors such as visual patterns and colors with strong national characteristics. On the one hand, it promotes the brand of the company, and more importantly, lays the foundation for the packaging belonging to Chinese culture.

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