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The importance of color in the packaging of goods
Jan 17, 2019

        Among all the factors that make up the packaging of goods, the impression of color is still the longest in people's visual memory. Color is pre-emptive, and people's first impression of the product is also derived from the color of the package. Therefore, the packaging knows that the color can play an important role in the product. Through the color design of the plastic box, the plastic box has a strong shelf effect. The packaging is very rigorous in the choice of color of the plastic box, which is the conclusion of a detailed product market survey. The main color of the plastic box packaging is particularly eye-catching. The color design of the plastic box not only induces the consumer to perceive the beauty and appeal of the product through the color harmony of the product packaging, but also directly stimulates the desire of the buyer. Packaging color design has always been the focus of the packaging design team, but also requires our plastic box packaging designers to design the identity of the goods, can quickly grasp the color of the consumer's eyes, in order to improve the company's plastic box packaging in the sale of goods.


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