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Need to pay attention to the packaging design (below)
Jan 17, 2019

The form of modern packaging design is not purely artistic processing. The unity and change of elements are interrelated with general art. Qingdao biscuit box manufacturers said that as a practical art packaging design, it has its own unique adaptability and diversity of expressions. When designing, you should pay attention to the following points:

1. Pay attention to the timeliness of aesthetic changes

Timeliness refers to the broad meaning of time, year, season and specific period. People's aesthetic tastes often change over time, and designers have to be sensitive to it.

Time often has the opposite characteristics to aesthetic changes. A popular aesthetic standard is reversed in the next stage, which is a common phenomenon. This is very important from the development of the times to the influence of aesthetics. In the past, it was balanced and harmonious. Today is more of a sense of power, movement, intensity and change. In modern design, it is a trend to solve the rules and the format of the tablet, and requires originality and vivid beauty. Some time-sensitive commodities, such as winter supplies, holiday articles, supplies, cosmetics, etc., put more specific timeliness requirements on the packaging box, and there is no specific processing.

2, pay attention to the comparison of packaging forms of similar products

Comparing the packaging design of similar products is an important part of the packaging design. Emphasis should be placed on the unique and unique design based on the above points, and try to design a unique and unique package with a unique personality.

The trend of product packaging boxes and plastic boxes in the world packaging industry is based on the simple and clear changes, which emphasizes the loud advertising performance.

It goes without saying that the design of the box as a means of promotion must focus on the competition of the box design and make new changes. For some product packaging boxes, the traditional packaging method is not to reform, but to maintain a certain sales stability. Once this stability is shaken, it will be updated in a timely manner. Therefore, the form of packaging should focus on comparison with similar designs.

3. Pay attention to the diversity of formal methods

When we look at the design of a box, it is not a simple visual acceptance, but it must be accompanied by a psychological reaction that produces visual communication, such as "vibrant", "noble", "elegant" and so on. First of all, depending on the objective situation of the object, this situation is not only the color of the figure, but also the three-dimensional shape, material texture, structure, style, processing technology, etc. These various factors together constitute a visually attractive package design. If one of them is not done well, it will destroy the attraction. Therefore, in order to achieve the beauty of decoration, the formation of beauty, structural beauty, material beauty, process beauty, the diversity of performance, processing methods require designers to have a variety of forms of processing, a certain understanding of materials and processes, and strive to immediately understand new information.


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