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Need to pay attention to the packaging design (on)
Jan 17, 2019

         Manufacturers say that the form of modern packaging design is not purely artistic processing. The unity and change of elements are interrelated with general art. However, as a practical art packaging design, it has its own unique adaptability and diversity of expressions. When designing, you should pay attention to the following points:

1, pay attention to the combination of forms and functions and materials

The three-dimensional shape of the package design and the flat handling of each display surface must be combined with function and material. This form must first adapt to the protection of the content, the requirements of usability, and at the same time pay attention to the combination of morphological changes and the physical and chemical properties of the selected materials.

2, pay attention to the delivery of product information

The full processing of the box can be said to be the advertising of the content object. In the design, we should pay attention to the delivery function of the package, it must clearly and accurately convey the content and characteristics of the goods. If the box is mistaken for a cosmetic box, then the form of the decoration is beautiful and beautiful, and it all fails.

The method of formation is of course the difference between beauty and not beauty. It is hard to imagine that the aesthetics of packaging without form will be attractive, but this beauty should first be derived from the performance and development of the goods. In the cosmetic treatment of packaging, the beauty, structure and material beauty of various products can be displayed and played, which is an important basis for the formal landscaping of packaging.

3. Pay attention to the different aesthetic perceptions of consumers

The uniqueness of the packaging form cannot be excluded from the general knowledge of the consumer. Beauty and not beauty are subjective factors of human emotions. People of different ages, different genders, different cultures, different occupations, different nationalities, different countries, and people in the same region have different aesthetic tastes. Because of differences in professional and cultural aspects, some people like bright colors. It can be seen that general packaging does not need to be adapted to the owner of society, and design should be addressed in a common understanding of specific consumption.


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